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Overcome evil with good

Every day is different. Every day can be a joy or a challenge. And every day, we store moments in our hearts. Choose what to store and store the good as you pursue what is right and what gives you peace.

Sometimes, it is easier to remember the misdeeds over the good deeds. As Warren Buffet once said, “You build your reputation for a lifetime but it takes only a second to ruin it.” This is because human as we are, we remember more of what went wrong over the things that went right. This is one reason why we need to train our heart and mind to see the good and store the good because remembering the bad takes no effort at all.

I am not saying that we forego doing what is right when we choose to forgive others. You forgive others because you deserve peace in your heart and peace is also about pursuing what is right. A clear conscience is still the best pillow at night. And a clear conscience is not only doing what is right alone but trusting the Lord that as you pursue what is right in His sight, you trust His guiding hand that when things doesn’t happen your way the way you plan it, He is still in control.

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