Worksheet 1 Hematocrit_Manicap

Greetings Katusok! Attached is the lab results of my partner – patient 1 – Iwayan

Worksheet 1 Hematocrit_Pacarro

Good Day! Attached is the lab result of Patient 1 [Moreno]/Partner.

Worksheet 1 Hematocrit_Salloman

Hello good day, attached is my hematocrit worksheet where I am tasked to record Patient 1, Ms. Isabella Villaflores’ hematocrit level.

Worksheet1 Hematocrit_Yrad

Worksheet 1 Hematocrit_Rosario

Here is the lab result of my partner/patient.

Worksheet1 Hematocrit_BALISBIS

The attached file is the hematocrit laboratory result of Patient 1 (Cuasito).

Worksheet 1 Hematocrit (CAGADAS)

Attached is the file of my hematocrit activity for patient 2 (Gacasan).

Worksheet1 Hematocrit_ROJAS

This is the Hematocrit lab results of my patient, Felicity Rosario, for the worksheet 1.

Worksheet 1 Hematocrit_Caluyo

The attached file is the laboratory result of my patient, Carla Andrea B. Bacalso.

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