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    What is the difference between Policy, Processes, Procedures.

    Policy – refers to a certain group that cumulatively agreed on implementing a set plan to conduct on to a specific situation.(Cambridge University Press, n.d.)

    Procedure – this is basically a step-by-step manual or text that tells you how to do a certain activity. (Merriam-Webster Dictionary, n.d.)

    Process – “a particular course of action intended to achieve a result.” (Vocabulary, n.d)

    The differences I can point out between these three is that a procedure is an established process. Meaning, if you follow a certain procedure, you are bound to get the same results as a that procedure is intending you to get. Process on the other is more on trial and error. There is something you do want to achieve but you are still on the process of finding the correct procedure for your expected result to come out. Policy, on the other hand, is the legalization of a plan or procedure. The government is involved. Policy refers to the implementation of a procedure for everyone, under that government, to follow.

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