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    A Reflection Post

    1. What is a true Sillimanian to you?

    A true Sillimanian for me is a person who possesses competence, character, and faith. A person who holds responsibility and accountability in all the things that he/she does, and who constantly shows hardwork in attaining quality outcomes. A true Sillimanian is a good example of character who is a role model of empathy, respect, and reliability. And most importantly, he/she is driven by genuine and enduring faith in God. Existing as a true Sillimanian is not solely about being academically intelligent or financially capable, but being able to transform knowledge into servant leadership. I personally believe in the concept of a Silliman spirit. However, I want to emphasize that having that kind of presence is not based on one’s physical appearance/aura, but on how that person acts and delivers in society with the values learned from the institutional Christian education.

    2. What is your view on the mental aspect of man?

    I believe that the mental aspect of man is primarily associated with the brain as the control center of the body. It refers to one’s intellectual processing and capacity to think and analyze. An individual’s thoughts are driven by simple and complex sensations, images, ideas, memories, judgments, beliefs, expectations, assumptions, and conclusions. Through mental function, we are able to make sense of ourselves and the world. We learn to comprehend or discern events, assign meanings, create decisions, and perform actions as we deem necessary. However, the mental aspect of man is not constant. There are times that our thoughts would come organized, rational, and logical. Yet at other times, our thinking processing may be unstable, irrational, and far from reality. Sometimes we feel confident communicating our ideas, but there are also moments that our thoughts are inexpressible. Nevertheless, all of those complexities of mental dynamics are what make us humans. We are not programmed to think in a habitual or repetitive manner; that’s what robots do and we are not like them. Therefore, a man’s dimension of mentality is the interplay of various factors/influences that shape his emotional, psychological, and social well-being.

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