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    Primary Health Care

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    • As what was discussed in the video, Primary Health Care is viewed as a person’s first point of contact with the national health system and addresses the major health problems in the community, offering health promotion, preventive, restorative, and rehabilitative services. Issues around financial sustainability and how to improve health outcomes towards reducing hospital admissions are very important concerns when it comes to PHC. The leaders in the video stressed about trying to focus on keeping people well, knowing where the gaps are, and finding innovative solutions that will assist in closing those gaps and connecting people better into the system to access the healthcare services that they need. I think through this, there would be a better overall outcome of society’s economy, knowing that every individual is able to do their task in service to its nation.
      • Basically, PHC is the frontline when it comes to preventing people from being admitted into hospitals long term. This is a way of keeping the public well, hence improving their quality of life. Thus, if the goal is to have efficient universal health coverage and have every single person gain access to health care, then a strong primary health care is a prerequisite.

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