“We don’t use social media to impress people, we use it to impact lives”. That is the main goal of Getaprofessor, a social media platform developed for social learning open to everyone. It is built to be an alternative social media application for people who want a new experience in their digital interactions.

There are a lot of features here that can benefit you.

You can join our online community and get the opportunity to find people with common interests and add them as friends.

Join pages and groups or create your own, exchange messages and discuss ideas, make friends, follow people or get followed.

For people who like to teach, you can create your own private class in our platform for free and share your knowledge to other learners.

We seek to provide a a better social media experience for our users and we continually update this platform for the benefit of our users.

If you have any questions about our platform you can email us at Getaprofessor@getaprofessor.com

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