• Andre Gem Gumatay posted an update 3 months, 3 weeks ago

    MT14 has helped me with what is there to learn about information systems which is a very important part of my future job as a Medtech as well as I progressed thru the subject, I’ve learned quite a lot and a considerable amount of the knowledge is useful in many stages of life especially in finance, that being said MT14 not only gave me an insight of how economy works but also how the digital world can help us progress thru work and other situations that would take a great amount of one’s time to do.

    Methods, techniques, and websites things that has made my life a little bit more convenient were the things that were shown to me in the subject though, I would say it can be specific at time has made the process much faster and easier than it should be as well as making it more refined. I enjoyed the subject and have much more to learn I as explore it by myself now.

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