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    Hello again everyone, I would like to share the article I’ve read which is about the Evolutionary Perspective on Food and Human Taste.

    • In this article, I learned that the human tongue is important not only for tasting the food consumed but is also crucial for swallowing and chewing foods. Also, our ancestors greatly influenced the preferred taste that every individual has today. Hence, I can say that the foods that our ancestors consumed before, gave advantages and disadvantages that we in the present are currently facing. Like the evolved taste abilities that gave way to deciding what food to intake without the knowledge of the effects that it could bring to the body, like how most people nowadays would go for products that are composed more of sugars that can lead to diabetes, they would not mind since it is tasty. The advantages however would include the knowledge of differentiating the good products from the bad ones which will help especially for mothers that want to feed their babies healthy foods to lessen the risk of having nutrition-related diseases. With this, I can say that the evolved human taste that we have today will serve as an awareness to keep ourselves in check and to have limitations on the unhealthy foods to consume. Also, I should take note that taking good care of myself starts with knowing the healthy nutritional facts that will aid in what is to be consumed to have a healthy body. Proper mouth hygiene like brushing the teeth and tongue thrice a day would aid in its proper functioning and make it healthy to avoid white tongue and broken smelly teeth.
      Source: An evolutionary perspective on food and human taste. (n.d.). | Science, health, and medical journals, full text articles and books.

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