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    Here is the link to my chosen research article about the circulatory system <33

    • This is personally interesting because, throughout my academic life, I realize I have been studying the circulatory system of humans ever since I could remember but I have very little to none when talking about the insects’ circulatory system. Do not get me wrong, I still get confused at times when I am told to explain the pathway of blood. I still would not consider myself an expert in that aspect. But this is not about that. This particular article ignited curiosity in me since this talks more about insects. Sure, it may be far off from what I should be dealing with since I am studying Medical Technology and not Biology, but it does not hurt to know more about things, does it?

      One interesting fact I learned while reading the article:
      Hemolymph is a complicated tissue made up of cells floating in a complex mix of salts and chemical compounds, including high protein concentrations.

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