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    The study presents the views of students from the College of Technology Education, Kumasi on the concept of lecture method in tertiary institutions. The results show that about two-thirds (66%) of the respondents have a positive perception of lecturing as a method of teaching in tertiary institutions. This is because lecturers are able to interact with students and they are able to answer back when they ask questions. They also find it easier to understand what is being taught by lecturers compared to other methods such as tutorials and seminars. Some other factors that contributed to their positive perception include:

    – Lectures tend to be structured and organized, unlike tutorials or seminars which might not be so well structured

    – Lectures are usually less time-consuming than seminars or tutorials because some of them last for about two or three hours while others can last for days

    Students were asked if there were any negative perceptions about lecturing as a method of teaching in tertiary institutions. The majority (85%) indicated no negative perception towards lecturing as a method of teaching in tertiary institutions. The few who provided answers indicated reasons such as: “Lecturers lack motivation”, “Lectures are boring”, and “Lectures are monotonous”.

    Marmah’s research is important because it provides insight into how lectures are being used to teach students in tertiary institutions in Ghana. I agree with the author’s findings that lectures provide them with an opportunity to learn at their own pace without being forced to participate in other activities such as discussions because I have had similar experiences in class myself. This enables us to concentrate on what they are being taught without feeling intimidated by others who may be more knowledgeable than they are.

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