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    Eojjann S. Tuñacao
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    REFLECTION (100 words): Being a Sillimanian
    1. What makes a Sillimanian?
    A Sillimanian is someone who is linked with Silliman University in the Philippines and upholds volunteerism, cultural enrichment, and academic excellence. All Sillimanians nurture and exhibit a commitment to social responsibility and education. As such, one of the enduring contributions of Sillimanians is leadership in a range of fields. With a beneficial impact both locally and globally, Sillimanians uphold the university’s reputation as a nurturing hub for lifelong learners and responsible global citizens. Sillimanians are inspired by the values of competence, character, and faith, and by the slogan “Via, Veritas, Vita,” they demonstrate the key highlights of this outstanding institution.
    2. What makes you a Sillimanian?
    I am a Sillimanian because of the strong sense of identity that permeates my entire being. As each year goes by, Silliman University for me transformed from a mere institution to a home. Being a Sillimanian made me realize to continue in flourishing the value of helping others and the joy of discovering new things. A commitment to social justice and great regard for the environment are all characteristics of being a Sillimanian. As a proud Sillimanian, I uphold the principles of bearing the Christian faith, and by being an example to others in honor of our amazing alma school.

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