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    Scientific Management Theory

    • The video I posted depicts the essential overview of scientific management theory. The father of the theory is Frederick W. Taylor; hence, it is also known as “Taylorism.”

      The theory describes a management process that attempts to boost productivity by applying scientific methods to optimize and standardize how work should be done. It can also be summarized into four major principles. Taylor believed that science could be used to boost economic efficiency. Hence, his theory is not based on hiring by personal judgment (the rule of thumb decisions) and not on the evaluation skills of workers.

      All in all, the theory has some practical application in today’s setting. More or less, it introduced the careful selection of applicants when applying for a job. Organizations hire those who possess the skills needed to bring and boost productivity in their workplace. Therefore, the theory encouraged the idea of systematic organizational design.

        • My personal take on this theory is that it is sometimes overwhelming. In addition, it puts pressure on workers because they are expected to perform faster. Hence, its approach to the workforce is a concern since workers need to finish a task in the most efficient way possible in the least amount of time. It bases mostly on performance and may not consider the conditions of a worker.

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