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    This journal article focuses on the “Skin Rounds” initiative by staff nurses, which seeks to improve quality and increase staff understanding of skincare in order to aid in the early detection and treatment of skin tissues. This project is dedicated to the bone marrow transplant unit within an urban adult teaching hospital. Bone marrow transplant (BMT) patients are critical and at higher risk for skin degradation. Thus, using toxic skincare can potentially cause further harm.

    • Our integumentary system, specifically our skin, is prone to any wounds or injuries. As a result, any damage can increase the risk of infection and contamination, especially for BMT patients. These are individuals who receive healthy stem cells (blood-forming cells) to replace their stem cells that have been destroyed by treatment with radiation or high doses of chemotherapy. This made them sensitive to skin breakdown. That is why with this program, patients receive the necessary and appropriate skin treatments. This then increases patient satisfaction at the same time provides more knowledge to the medical staff. In this way, they can avoid incorrect identification of skin tissues and diagnosis. Everything is constantly changing; hence it is important that we must be educated at all times.
        • I believe it is important to give more attention to our skin and its treatments since it acts as our first line of defense against infection. Because every one of us has a unique type of skin, a lack of understanding might heighten patients’ concern when a skin problem emerges.

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