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    The video below talks about primary health care (PHC). It’s a great video because it explains PHC extensively but in a simplified manner.

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    • It was said in the video that primary health care (PHC) should be accessible, however, from my observations, many people are deprived of it. The availability and accessibility of PHC reflect the economic and technological progress of a country. But it’s not always the case as there are cases where there is a budget but it didn’t reach the people. There are also cases where people simply didn’t know that there are primary health services made available to them. So for me, if there is a way to reform the political system or inform the people of the availability of PHC, then I would gladly take part in or support it. PHC should be given priority because it provides the primary (essential) health needs of the people which is vital for individuals and the community to function properly.

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