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    Among the 17 Sustainable Development goals, I chose the 4th one which is the Quality Education. With this, us people will know how to work hard in school, to understand which is wrong or right too. Quality Education molds us to be best version of ourselves. We’ll learn how to face challenges in school and life. Being successful is not just by being rich it is a price in where there is hard work and patience. To have a better life, we should work hard and focus in our different goals. To get the things we want the most in life, we should first be in school because in there, everything is taught not just academically but also good manners. Quality Education for me is one of the key ingredient for us to have a better life in the future, with this everyone will help hand in hand knowing that going to school and doing every best that we can is one thing that we can trust each other to build a better future ahead of us.

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