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    [2] The Philippine Health System

    • The Philippines is one of the first countries who passed the universal healthcare act in 2019.The Philippines health system is divided into two sectors: private and public sector. With the universal healthcare act, everyone is supposed to have free healthcare in the Philippines but up to this day, it is still very limited as most hospitals are under-staffed because of underpaid healthcare workers, and also the old equipment in public sectors makes it difficult to treat patients properly in rural areas. Private sectors seem to be expensive for most locals and cheap for foreigners. These private hospitals are found in major cities and account for 60% of the hospitals here in the Philippines. As a Filipino, we can totally see that our health system here needs improvement as a lot of people are avoiding hospitals and hiding their illnesses because of the high hospital costs. Many are dying because of the lack of money and lack of healthcare attention. As a Pinoy, let us do better.

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