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    [1/3] Health system is the way in which all health services are provided. From how they are financed to the workforce, facilities and supplies available, a strong health system will ensure that everyone is able to access high-quality healthcare without financial difficulty (Health Systems, n.d.). WHO’s work in Health System Governance aims at empowering actors and increasing accountability, transparency and responsiveness of health systems through actions focused on Support development of comprehensive and costed national health policies, strengthen and reform health institutions, promote empowerment, work with parliamentarians, institutionalize whole-of-government approaches, develop norms and standards for monitoring, harmonize and align national action plans (Health Systems Governance, n.d.).

    Health systems. (n.d.). Health Poverty Action. Retrieved February 20, 2023, from

    Health Systems Governance. (n.d.). World Health Organization (WHO). Retrieved February 20, 2023, from

    • Thoughts/Opinion:
      The strength of a nation’s health system depends on how well its government is able to protect and prioritize the health and well-being of its people. The fact that more than one third of the world’s population lacks access to high-quality healthcare is extremely concerning since it restricts their capacity to live fulfilling lives. Because poverty is wreaking such widespread destruction, people are unable to live up to their full potential. In order to enjoy a good life and gain freedom in this world, money is necessary. Yet this merely makes it more challenging to genuinely live an honest and upright life. It feeds greed and makes the powerful blind.

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