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    [2/3] Philippine health system – Although the facilities may not be as remarkable as those found in upscale American or European hospitals, the medical team in the Philippines is well trained (An Introduction to the Healthcare System in the Philippines, 2022). There should be minimal language obstacles stopping foreigners from receiving healthcare in the Philippines because English is widely spoken there. Although public healthcare in the Philippines is generally of high quality because of state funding, the standard of care in rural regions lags well behind that of hospitals in major cities. The private healthcare institutions often offer more consistent treatment and have better equipment than public ones (Healthcare in the Philippines | Philippines Health Insurance | Allianz, n.d.).

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      This video speaks volumes about the situation in the Philippines. Money is the lifeblood of everything. The poor are left to fend for themselves. Only those who can afford to pay receive assistance. It’s very upsetting since I’ve been through it myself. It is difficult to obtain admission to a hospital if there are no ties tied or money to be given. It is tragic that in our world, life has less worth than money. It causes a chasm between our values and our ability to survive. As a future healthcare practitioner, I don’t want to live in a society where patients’ fundamental survival rights are denied. That is not the essence of a man who works in the medical profession. People’s lives should take precedence over anything else.

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