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    The skill I like and want to hone if given a chance is organizational skills because I am a clumsy and topsy-turvy type of person. I get easily distracted, and this trait of mine is not helpful in the future, and assuming I am in a work field, this might lose the essence of being a Sillimanian competent individual. I hope this subject course will help me find my way in desiring to hone this specific skill.

    Meanwhile, the skill I think I have is people skills. I admit I am not good at talking or communicating eloquently. Still, I can say this skill is my strong suit given that I am talkative and also not afraid to raise what I feel, vocal about my opinion, or just to know the people around me personally. In this way, I connect and relate with my colleagues, which will give me an edge in social skills needed in a profession since we meet different kinds of people, bringing their respective worldviews and beliefs into life. This boils down to respecting boundaries and recognizing diversity, and promoting one’s sensitivity.

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