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    I’m blessed to be able to eat a good meal thanks from the parents who sustained us well. I may have complained about what to eat, but I always remind myself that not everyone could afford a proper meal to serve. Because learning that at an early age from my community, it’s tough to provide when one does not have a decent job, what more as to how our situation in the new normal when some lost their jobs. Good health and well-being are very important to me because life is precious. If we can’t give ourselves the care we need, then we would be risking ourselves to diseases and infections which is more troublesome. I may have grown up weak, that I make sure not to get sick, but I helped myself by sustaining a healthy food intake.
    Good health and well-being will be the one thing I would work for in my lifetime since I wanted a good future. If I can’t keep myself healthy now, I would then be finding myself in a bad situation. Being in a good shape means we can do the things we need to and want to do, and just simply enjoying life the way we want it heading. We should not only eat the foods that our brain needs to hold our mood up, but we should also feel good about how we look. We feel better about ourselves and life in general when we think we look fine. The more positive you feel about yourself, the more likely you are to get out and do things that will benefit your overall health and happiness. The health decisions we make today will have an impact on our health for the rest of our lives. Now is the time to think about improving our health by eating well and exercising regularly.

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