• Hi friends! This is the ovaries and it produce female gametes or oocytes and steroid hormones such as estrogen and progesterone.
      This specimen has few primordial and primary follicles, but contains several secondary (antral) follicles and many corpus albicans.
      Cortex -outer region that is the site of oocyte development. This specimen is mostly cortex.
      Ovarian Follicles – oocytes surrounded by one or more layers of cells.
      • Primordial Follicles – oocytes arrested in development. There are very few of them in this specimen.
        Primary Oocyte – large (25 to 30 µm), round to oval cells with a vesicular nucleus.
        Follicular Cells – single layer of flattened cells that surround each oocyte.
        Primary Follicles – primary oocytes surrounded by one or more layers of cuboidal-shaped granulosa cells (which develop from follicular cells). There are few of them in this specimen.
        Unilaminar – primary oocytes surrounded by a single layer of granulosa cells.
        Multilaminar – primary oocytes surrounded by multiple layers of granulosa cells.

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