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    Have you ever heard of “GMO” but don’t know what it means?

    You might have heard of the word “GMO” in TV commercials or read it at the back of a brand packaging. GMO stands for ‘Genetically Modified Organisms’ and what it essentially means is an organism that could be a plant, animal, or bacteria whose genetic material or DNA was modified in a laboratory. Okay, if the definition sounds alien, let’s digest it word by word.
    “Genetic” refers to genes. Genes are like the body’s instruction manual that determines how an organism looks and functions; genes consist of DNA. “Modified” means changed or altered in a way that does not occur naturally. Finally, “Organism” is any living thing.

    Why do GMOs exist?
    GMOs have many potential benefits in terms of raising agricultural productivity like increasing crop yields, reducing cost for food production, and reducing the need for pesticides, enhancing nutrient composition or quality, and resistance to pests and disease. Although these benefits are still under heavy scrutiny. You can usually find GMOs in various food plants such as corn, potato, eggplant, squash, tomato, papaya, and rice.

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