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    Risk Management. The process of identifying, evaluating, and controlling risks as well as maintaining laboratory environmental health and safety. It is everyone’s obligation to reduce dangers posed by routine activity by employing safety precautions and examining the reagents’ purity.

    Chemical Hazards: Possible contact with chemical risks can arise during use as well as through improper storage. If chemicals are handled improperly or misused, there could be serious consequences. Chemicals can include reagents, disinfectants, and drugs.

    Physical Hazards: Electrical, mechanical, and other physical risks are frequently overlooked. Apparent physical risks are slips and fall when working. Other physical risks could include lifting, pushing, and pulling. Ignoring these could have serious consequences.

    Electrical Hazards: Surrounded by machinery, electrical hazards can include electric shock, arc blasts, fires, and even explosions. Faulty equipment is also a major risk as it leads to an unsafe work environment. It’s important to be cautious when working with this equipment.

    Biological Hazards: These can include infectious substances and their toxins. We must remember to treat every specimen as contagious. When using biological materials, they shouldn’t be kept in refrigerators, freezers, or hallways that aren’t locked. Place biohazard warning signs in the proper locations.

    • Reading through different real experiences of accidents in the laboratories’ histology/histopathology section sends shivers down my spine. It reminds me that, as a medical technologist student, our line of work has constant exposure to an environment full of hazards. If we aren’t cautious of our most minor actions, we could cause harm to ourselves ad the people around us. We must always be mindful and have a present mind when handling different chemicals, specimens, and such, as well as do our part in keeping the laboratory a safe place for us and our fellow students to thrive and learn. From proper labeling to proper specimen handling, though it has been constantly repeated in different subjects throughout our years as MedTech students, we must channel these learnings into actions as we begin to work in laboratories. Keeping it safe learning. The environment should be our top priority.

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