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    People’s blood is divided into groups based on the presence or absence of particular antigens on cell surfaces and specific antibodies in the serum. The study illustrates the importance of knowing one’s blood type as an ABO compatibility test between a donor and his recipient is still required and is mandatory. The researchers found an innovative way to use modern technology when it comes to blood typing and agglutination assay techniques.

    The development of a red blood cell (RBC) agglutination assay for point-of-care blood type was extensively explored in this paper. It incorporated an injection molded microfluidic chip with anti-A or anti-B dried reagents inside its microchannel, which was supposed to improve capillary flow. Furthermore, the only blood-handling step in the test technique was placing a blood drop at the biochip’s tip, after which imaging was achieved. They were able to perform efficient, automated, real-time, and quantitative measurement of agglutination inside a passive biochip for blood type, which may be applied to detecting and quantifying blood biomarkers. An informative must-read paper.

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