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    Health System

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    • Health systems are made up of people or organizations with different roles to play, in order to create a system that caters to the health needs of the population, whether it be to advance, restore, or sustain health. The different roles, as what I have learned from the video above, includes Leadership Management Governance for Health, Health Finance, Human Resources for Health, Health Products Inventory, Health Infrastructure, and Health Intelligence. Behind these sections of the Health Systems are people who specialize in such fields, respectively, promoting a working and an efficient Health System for all.

      In our world, it seems like health systems are more prioritized in developed countries, and quite the contrary with the developing ones. I can distinguish how other nations offer a more advanced and convenient health system to its people, which would aid their basic needs. However, it’s obvious how everyone in the world needs to have easy access to health care, as it is a basic need for survival. Nonetheless, as we, as a society, are growing relatively more advanced, a better and a more sufficient health system in our country is not impossible.

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