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    Philippine Health System

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    • In the Philippines, the Department of Health (DOH), which is responsible for developing national plans, technical standards, and recommendations for health, acts as the primary regulating body of the existing decentralized healthcare system. Local Government Units provide public health services, with technical support from the Department of Health.
      Although it might seem that the medical professionals working in public hospitals that we have in our cities are of the highest caliber, there are some restrictions on public healthcare in the Philippines. Our country faces issues with unequal access to medical treatment despite having universal healthcare. As a result, our public healthcare system generally ranges from good in metropolitan regions to substandard in rural ones. From experience, some of my friends that live in rural areas have even lost a loved one, just because of the inaccessibility of immediate health care from a hospital.
      Moreover, the vast number of Filipinos who rely on public healthcare puts further demand on it. Another obvious trend that has led to understaffing in some hospitals, causing treatment delays is the migration of Filipino medical professionals to Western nations, which offer better benefits to our healthcare workers.

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