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    Romans Chapters 1-3 Reflection

    Reading the words across the pages of the Bible, specifically in the book of Romans, I was reminded of how much power our thoughts hold. I realize that when I catch myself passing judgment on others, I am, in fact, casting a critical eye upon my own self, for the measuring stick I employ to assess them is the very same by which I evaluate myself.

    In addition, I have learned that humanity has driven further and further away from God, and this highlights the brokenness that exists within us and the world, which needs to addressed, as a lot of people have lost their way through all of the nonsense that society has brought, dimming the light that shines up above. In the book, as Paul points to Jesus as the savior, I wholeheartedly believe that we should seek a relationship with Him, in all our endeavors, because our inherent need for redemption can only be quenched through the incredible grace offered through Christ. In the end, our salvation is attained by the grace of God, and not just through our hard works.

    These chapters were such a great reminder for all of us to re-examine the way that we exist in the space that we occupy in the world, urging us to reflect on our moral choices, seek forgiveness and redemption, and ultimately strive for a more righteous and God-centered life.

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