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    GE 10 DD Reflection

    What makes a Sillimanian?
    A Sillimanian is someone more than just their status or educational attainment. A Sillimanian is a person whose perception in life possesses numerous layers of empathy, appreciation, and respect, due to their exposure to the 5C’s (the five venues of whole-person education: classroom, church, athletic court, cultural center, and community) in the campus. The privilege of bearing witness to art, nationally and internationally, can change a person as it touches the depths of their spirit, and they would emerge gracing this world as an inspired individual.

    What makes you a Sillimanian?
    The same goes for me, as a fresh Sillimanian, I am open to learning new skills and knowledge that would help me become a person of faith, character, and competence, just like how the mission of Silliman University aims to develop in each one of us.

    What is your view on the mental aspects of Man?
    The mental aspect of a man is diverse and each of its facets is very much interconnected with one another. These individual characteristics that we have contribute to our uniqueness and allow us to serve our society in a way that no other person can. We have our ways of perceiving and interpreting the world around us, and each of us gains something profoundly different, a language that only we can understand. However, as we commune with one another, our shared human experience proves to us that just like with each of our mental facets, we, as a whole person, are intrinsically connected and tied to one another in a way wherein words cannot articulate. Thus, I think that humankind is hardwired to create a safe community surrounding them where they would be able to serve and be served, relative to their capabilities.

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