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    “Reflection about the book in Romans Chapter 1-3”.
    In the King James Version (KJV):
    Romans chapters 1-3 emphasize the fallen nature of humanity. In Chapter 1, the apostle Paul speaks of the Gentiles’ ungodliness and the consequences of their idolatry. He highlights the downward spiral of sin and its destructive effects. In Chapter 2, Paul points out that Jews are not exempt from sin’s judgment, as they too fall short of God’s standard. Chapter 3 underscores that all, both Jew and Gentile, are under sin and in need of redemption. The KJV language, with its poetic and archaic style, conveys a sense of the gravity of human sin and the universality of our fallen state.

    In the English Standard Version (ESV):
    Romans chapters 1-3, in the ESV, also emphasize the universality of sin and the righteousness of God. Chapter 1 presents the consequences of suppressing the truth about God, resulting in a depraved mind and sinful actions. Chapter 2 highlights that no one is exempt from God’s judgment based on their heritage or knowledge of the law. In Chapter 3, Paul underscores the need for faith in Jesus Christ as the means of justification. The ESV provides a more contemporary and accessible language, making the message of these chapters clear and applicable to modern readers.

    Both versions of Romans chapters 1-3 ultimately convey the message that all humans are sinners in need of God’s grace and salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. They serve as a powerful reminder of our need for redemption and the righteousness of God’s plan for salvation.

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