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    I have heard first hand of the complaints of friends, family members, classmates, and even strangers on the inefficient, inadequate, and unfair system that is the Philippine Health Care System. From the lack of available, affordable, and quality healthcare facilities and services, the inaccessible and lacking health care centers and equipment in rural areas, and the brutal working conditions and minimal wages of the health workers, to the acts of discrimination, corruption, and favoritism involved — the people truly have a lot to say about the healthcare system, and while their complaints have no reason to be invalidated, there is still a lot to unpack about the Philippine healthcare system and health care in general. However bad the condition of our healthcare system is as of now, a lot of these faults are actually not to blame on the health care workers themselves, but it evolves multiple factors. Health systems are all kinds of mechanisms and resources that work to assist people in all their health concerns and needs. Leadership and Management (most notably those under government management), the fundings and financial flow, the human resources, the inventory, and intelligence are all key fundamentals in running a working health care system but having these all present doesn’t necessarily indicate that there is quality. There needs to be proper management, transparent financial use and gains, enough health care workers to not overwork the staff, proper inventory and stock of materials, and the intelligence and technology to keep records and information updated and safe.

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