• Zoie Gwyneth Duran Burgos posted an update 9 months ago

    • As bureaucracy is often negatively connotated, it is still renowned as one of the effective ways of operating and managing an organization, as proposed by Max Weber. In a bureaucratic arrangement, authority is divided; There is no single boss, or the system is not perfectly vertical. This means that there is a partition of labor. However, with the multiple authority, one may expect that the flow of communication may not go smoothly, which is addressed by one of Weber’s principles on bureaucracy management. He asserted that the chain of command can still be well-defined and done accurately. To do this, an organization should possess absolute and consistent rules that shall be imposed on all members. Lastly, for this type of organization management to work, personal relations must never be involved. If a member wants to be promoted, they should develop their qualifications or credentials as it is the only basis.

      All are executed in a formal manner in bureaucratic management, including the relations between members. In my opinion, this is how an organization should perform since it carries objectives far beyond personal ties. If everything is formal, the mission and vision can be accomplished as planned without unnecessary emotional delays. With all its principles incorporated, a well-functioning and excellently performing organization can be produced.

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