ABAO | What is an Information System?

MT14-CC’s Docs ABAO | What is an Information System?

Rhoge Yvonne F. Abao


MT14 – CC [LEC]

February 1, 2023


An information system (IS) is defined as a combination of software, hardware, and telecommunication networks to collect useful data, especially in an organization. These components collect, process, store, disseminate, and distribute information to support decision-making, coordination, analysis, and control in a certain organization. Information systems encompass the tools that organizations use to manage the data collected in order to increase efficiency. According to (Strauss, 2022), information systems are composed of 5 major components namely hardware, software, data sources, telecommunications, and human expertise.

In healthcare, health information systems are broadly defined as a system that integrates data collection, processing, reporting, and use of the information necessary for improving health service effectiveness and efficiency through better management at all levels of health services. A health information system enables healthcare organizations to collect, store, manage, analyze, and optimize patient treatment histories and other key data. A well-functioning health information system is crucial in healthcare in order to improve patient care and establish a more sustainable health system. Through information systems, data could be processed and received quicker which is crucial for emergency situations and public health crises. Information systems prove to be vital as well as incredibly useful in modern society, especially in important organizations and professions such as healthcare. It has proven to be the backbone of most organizations and thus, is being integrated into almost every business for to sole purpose of data collection, data dissemination, and efficiency within the aforementioned organization.


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