Best Laboratory information systems that laboratories nowadays use

MT14-CC’s Docs Best Laboratory information systems that laboratories nowadays use

For this assignment, I checked a review site for the best LIS present today that has a more active community than other review sites. And I found out that there’s a wide range of options and that the choice of LIS depends on its suitability in the type of laboratory it’s to be installed. The review site I checked is great because it contains a lot of information and reviews about the different LISs that is available today.

And one of the leading LIS in the reviews that I found interesting is NovoPath 360. This LIS is great because it is user-friendly and it offers easy navigation and utilization of the different entities and elements inside the system. Users also highlight how helpful the support system this LIS offered is. That’s why many prefer to install this LIS in their laboratories

The second one on the list is CGM LABDAQ. According to many reviewers, the system is great because of its flexibility — allowing them to manipulate the rules and settings. And the support system of this LIS is also very responsive and usually entertains and fixes issues immediately after asking for assistance. The only downside of this LIS is that it offers additional custom features that are relevant to the work, however, it’s not part of the base price and is a bit costly.

Another of the best LISs that caught my attention is Dendi LIS. And like the other LIS, this system is also user-friendly even with its flexibility — which is sometimes the leading cause of confusion. Most reviewers praise its speed and its clean process works. And, the system also included a lot of modern technological features that are helpful in laboratory work. However, these new features aren’t that smooth yet, probably because it’s a new applied technology.

Unfortunately, there was no available price list that has their exact prices and the only way to know it is to directly contact and avail from them. What I did learn from the review site is that the price varies according to the features used and company size in the laboratory. Like for example, they charge more for hospital-based laboratories because it uses more features than free-standing laboratories. If you guys want to know more about the leading laboratory information systems today, please check the link below.


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