Clinical LIS Pricing – Assignment

MT14-CC’s Docs Assignments - Andre Gumatay Clinical LIS Pricing - Assignment

Apex HealthWare

$350/month for full LIS!

Apex subscription fee is twelve cents per patient result report. There is a $350 minimum subscription fee which includes up to 2000 results reports. The monthly fee covers unrestricted usage, technical support and updates/upgrades as required. Complete support for lab workflow including specimen & analyzer management, HL7 orders & results to your EMR and/or reference lab. Full CLIA compliance suite to ensure regulatory compliance. Can expand to unlimited number of devices and multiple locations. There is an intial deploy fee that starts as low $1500. There are no other fees. You can cancel subscription at any time.



industry For commercial companies and organisations.

€ 39.95

per user per month, based on 50 seats

academic For academic research purposes by Academic Research Institutions.

€ 14.50

per user per month, based on 50 seats



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