HIS and implications of AI systems

HIS and implications of AI systems

Angelica Arias

MT 14 – AA


1) What is a health information system? 

A health information system (HIS) is a system designed to manage and share health-related data and information. It is used to collect, store, process, and communicate data related to patient care, public health, research, and health administration. The data can include patient demographics, medical history, diagnostic test results, medications, and treatments.


2) what are the implications of ChatGPTt and other AI systems in your work as a student?

As a student, the implications of ChatGPT and other AI systems can be significant in our academic pursuits. For one,  AI systems can assist us in researching various topics by analyzing large volumes of data and suggesting relevant information. Second,  AI systems like ChatGPT and Grammarly can assist us in writing assignments, essays, and reports by suggesting vocabulary, grammar, and style. Thirdly,  AI systems can act as tutors, offering individualized feedback and support to students based on their performance. Lastly, and personally most helpful,  they can assist us in managing our time by organizing schedules, setting reminders, and creating to-do lists.


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