MT 14- CC Activity- Health Systems

MT14-CC’s Docs MT 14- CC Activity- Health Systems

1. Health Systems- All medical services are delivered through a health system. A robust health system will guarantee that everyone may receive high-quality healthcare without facing financial problems, from how they are financed to the workforce, facilities, and supplies available. Health system is all of the mechanisms and resources and processes that together meet the health needs of a population and importantly meeting the health needs of a population, isn’t just about people being able to access health services when they’re sick; it’s also about everything that needs to be put in place to prevent people from getting sick in the first place.


2. Philippine Health System- Although public healthcare in the Philippines is generally of an exceptional quality, there are significant differences between rural and urban areas. Private healthcare is more reliable in the Philippines, and private clinics typically have superior equipment than public ones. The Philippine Health System mandates aiming to ensure that every Filipino shall receive affordable and quality health benefits. This involves providing adequate resources – health human resources, health facilities, and health financing. Furthermore, The Philippines’ healthcare system is steadily getting better despite the country’s problems. This is as a result of government initiatives that are moving the nation toward a unified system. PhilHealth therefore offers all Filipino nationals free medical care. Additionally, everyone who is a citizen of the Philippines will be registered in the national program automatically.

3. Primary Healthcare- Meets the majority of people’s health needs during their life as it welcomes a child into this world; providing services like vaccines that protect us and our communities against infectious diseases. Primary health care supports us through childhood, adolescence and adulthood. In addition to this, primary health care also treats and manages a number of conditions through regular follow-up care prescription, medications and further prevention including chronic conditions such as hypertension, diabetes and asthma therefore it meets the majority of our health needs during our life and even accompanies us into old age adding life to years and years to life.

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