Goal 1: Ensure a good and healthy review environment for the future RMTs.


Objective 1 : Maintain good interpersonal relationships


Strategy 1: Establish open communication among members of  the review program through social media

Tactic 1: Employ social media platforms for effective communication


Brief Description: This refers to both students and instructors in maintaining good communication with others through accepting and giving feedback will be made easier with social media.


Target publics: The instructors and students

Timetable: SY 2020-2021 


Strategy 2: Maximize online platforms for accessible learning materials


Tactic 1: Utilizing the online platform “getaprofessor” created by Asst. Professor Reuben J C. Los Baños, RMT of the SU-ICLS and other platforms available


Brief description: In providing learning materials and other learning resources, utilization of these online platforms such as get a professor will promote an easy and harmonious learning experience for both students and the instructors due to its features that are user friendly and easy to use.


Target:  Level II students of SU-ICLS

Timetable: SY 2020-2021


 Goal 2: Instill vital information to students that will prepare them for future examinations related to the course.


Objective 2: To boost the learner’s confidence when they take various examination in the course


Strategy 1: To improve the confidence of Level II students in their respective      classes


Tactic 1:Encourage all participants to participate in any webinar sessions related to the Medical Technology profession


Brief description: Provide short review sessions every now and then and conduct assessments through Google Forms after every topic discussed to refresh and retain learnings.


 Target public : Level II students of the SU-ICLS 

Timetable: SY 2020-2021


Tactic 2 : Join video conferences ( through Google Meet or Zoom) with the other level II students 


Brief description: To share different ideas about Medical Technology and to have good communication with each other.


Target: Level II students of the SU-ICLS

Timetable: SY 2020-2021

Goal 3: Assess the learners’ knowledge based on topics to be given weekly


Objective 3: To provide learners with support and opportunities needed 


Strategy 1: Use of online resources for quick and effective learning communication


Tactic 1:  Students within the organization will give their concerns about a particular topic that will be discussed later on by the tutors or instructors who will be the representatives for the second year.


Brief description: Having synchronous sessions once or twice a week. All powerpoint presentations, pre-recorded lectures, handouts, etc. will be posted online through ‘getaprofessor’ and other online resources. Students who wish to express their concerns can contact any of the members or participants within this program.


Target: Level II students of the SU-ICLS 

Timetable: SY 2020-2021


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