What is an Information System?

MT14-CC’s Docs What is an Information System?

Information system (IS) allows easy access and delivery of essential information. All the necessary stuff that is needed to collect, manage, and analyze data could be found here. It is usually used by organizations to enhance performance, increase efficiency and it also plays a vital role in the decision-making process because it is less time consuming and shows possible results and suggestions that could help the organization come up with a better decision. In terms of storing information, IS makes it easy to keep track of records, documents, revision histories, operational data, and other information. Since it is stored in a comprehensive and sophisticated database, the process of finding relevant information is more convenient compared to manual data storage which could take up so much time (Strauss, 2022).



Strauss, L. (2022, November 21). What is information systems? Definition, uses, and examples. Zapierhttps://zapier.com/blog/what-is-information-systems/

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