What is an Information System

MT14-CC’s Docs What is an Information System

An information system is simply, software tools that businesses employ to gather, handle, and analyze data are collectively referred to as information systems. Making decisions based on this information will increase productivity and profitability.

The uses of information systems are virtually endless; human resource management, financial account management, customer outreach and advertising, competitive landscape analysis, you name it. Every decision an organization makes should be data-driven.

What then is involved in information systems? Hardware, software, data, connectivity, and people are almost all that are required for a contemporary workplace to run well. These elements are present in some way or another in almost every information system. (Strauss, 2022)



Strauss, L. (2022, November 21). What is information systems? Definition, uses, and examples. Zapier. https://zapier.com/blog/what-is-information-systems/

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