How to know you are in the right direction in your life?

3 things to know 1.Passion – you would know you are going in the right direction if you love what you do. Without love, you cannot have passion. 2. Commitment – being committed means waking up each day excited to accomplish something more in your life. Commitment is being there to serve people. It is making sure that you have given value to at least one person every day. 3. Make it an adventure – build your adventure and experience life to the fullest. What is the average lifespan of man? 60,… Read More

How is your future self?

The space between who you are and who you want to be is the greatest divide that will ultimately define your life. What you are now can still be developed and it is your utmost responsibility to learn everything you can to be the best version of yourself. You are not here just to consume resources in this planet but you are here to provide value to the world. No one ever became the best by lying around and scrolling through their social media every minute of the day. The word that… Read More

A story about success

There was a story about a researcher who studied 500 high school graduates, most of whom came from Negros Oriental. After the study, the researcher came out with the results and said that “the students have a low chance of success in life”. Thirty years later, another researcher did a follow-up study on the graduates and decided to locate them. Of that number, 480 became successful businessmen, nurses, medical technologists, professors, medical doctors, lawyers and people of importance in their specific field. When the researcher asked each one of them how they… Read More

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