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The picture shown represents one of the microscopic illustrations that you are going to the study for the Medical Histology Course. Medical Histology covers all of the body’s systems and because they not only focus on microscopic structure, but also on structure-function relationships at the cell and tissue levels, other fundamental subjects like anatomy, physiology and biochemistry must be thoroughly reviewed in order to fully comprehend the topics that would be discussed in this course.

From time to time, I may upload medical histology pictures in this site and you may provide descriptions of what you have seen. You can send your descriptions to this email address: getaprofessor@gmail.com. By sending your descriptions of histological pictures that would later be uploaded throughout the semester,you would be practicing a vital skill needed as a healthcare provider and as a future scientist, the skill to thoroughly observe and provide an accurate description of what you have seen under the microscope.

May you learn more this semester and hope to see you soon.

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