What is hypertension?

Written by Risa Mae Q. Paladar The condition that you will read more about in this article is one of the leading causes of death. Hypertension is a disorder in which your blood level increases than conventional. Another term for it is high blood pressure or HTN. It is a prevalent ailment in which the blood’s long-term force against the artery walls is high enough. It contributes to heart diseases. Before going into much detail, you will learn first about what blood pressure is. It is the exerted force by flowing blood… Read More

What is the largest cell in the human body?

Written by Alexis Marian Balisbis There are 100 trillion cells or more in the human body. These make up tissues, tissues make up organs, and organs make up the organ system. The various functions performed by cells lead to their different shapes and sizes. The female ovum or egg cell is the largest cell in the human body. Its size is about 120 micrometers (0.0047 in) in diameter and 20 times the size of male sperm, making it visible to the naked eye without the aid of a magnification device. The female… Read More

What is hypertension?

Written by Ian Jay B. Francisco Did you know that the world’s leading cause of death is preventable? Hypertensive heart disease causes more deaths than any other illness. It begins as elevated blood pressure—hypertension (HTN). The heart is a powerful pump the size of a fist. It circulates approximately five liters of life fluid every minute. The exerted force against your arteries is your blood pressure (BP). Your blood pressure varies with the different activities you do. When you are relaxing, it is lower. In contrast, it increases when you do strenuous… Read More

Words of Wisdom for Learners

Words of Wisdom for Learners and Mentors

What is laboratory management and organization?

Written by Ian Jay B. Francisco The clinical laboratory is a melting pot of diverse people. As the head of the lab, how will you guide your personnel despite the setbacks? Organizing your resources and staffing will help you deliver quality medical services. Test results have to be accurate and reliable. Approximately 70% of medical-related decisions rely on these results. Moreover, labs in the United States perform 7-10 billion tests every year. Any occurrence of inaccurate results leads to significant consequences. Your erroneous test results may increase your patient’s expenses. Unnecessary procedures… Read More

Are pathophysiology and pathology the same?

Written by Elisha Kristin Pasco Pathophysiology and pathology are essentially the same, except the fields have different scopes. Pathology deals with the disease and how it affects your body. Pathophysiology covers more ground. It studies the cause of illness, how it affects your body, the signs and symptoms, and treatment. Pathophysiology and pathology are the same, but not quite. Let us first consider etymology, the study of their origin. Both come from the words pathos and logos. The word pathos is Greek for suffering. The root logos means discourse, defined as a… Read More

Words of wisdom for learners and mentors

What do you mean by anatomy and physiology?

Written by Marydel O. Cagadas Defining anatomy will lead you to its Greek origin broken down into, ana which means “up” and temnein – “to cut.” Physiology formulated by the Greek terms physis – “nature or origin” and logia – “study of.” Anatomy aims to understand the organs and structures of an organism. It started in Ancient Greece and developed through the time of the Renaissance. From dissection, it progressed to the use of technology such as non-invasive imaging. To explain further, it provides you a context for the structure and location… Read More

Do you want to learn graphic design and earn online?

Do you want to learn graphic design and get online clients to earn money? Upskill is here to help you achieve that goal. Getaprofessor partners with Upskill to allow people to learn new skills, improve themselves and earn online even in the midst of a global pandemic. This coming Saturday, September 4, 2021 at 7:30pm, we will have another brand new workshop for beginners and experienced graphic designers. We are inviting all those who want to learn new things when it comes to freelancing and graphic design. Coach Juan will be giving… Read More

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