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Words of Wisdom

Count your blessings and not what you’re missing.  Continue to dream as you magnify the blessings God gave you and your heart will be full to overflowing and out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks, to praise the Lord for the wonders He has done.  What are you grateful for today? From InkSights n Letters. Like their page! 🙂

Our Co-founder invited by the Philippines’ Department of Information and Communications Technology to talk about his experiences in establishing a startup

Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom

Shopee vs Lazada. Which is better for learners and mentors?

In the battle of the brands, Shopee vs Lazada would come to mind. Both of these platforms are popular in Southeast Asia but which is better? Lazada is backed by Alibaba from China, which is one of the world’s largest e-commerce companies. Shopee, on the other hand, originated from the popular Singaporean gaming company, Garena. Shopee started as a mobile platform whereas Lazada started as a website but both platforms now have their own websites and mobile apps. For price, Shopee generally offers lower prices particularly on gadgets, clothes, toys and bags…. Read More

ADIDAS VS NIKE. Which is better for learners and mentors?

This is one of the biggest rivalries for the longest time. There are a lot of shoes out there for your feet but which is better? Both of them are very popular brands but you have die hard fans for both of these products who would do everything to defend their brand. The first brand to establish a running shoe was NIKE and they have been doing well for the longest time but adidas is no slouch either, adidas has been sponsoring elite runners and developing great products for both athletes and… Read More

One of the best promotional video for an organization! Great job!


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