Are you afraid?

It is a chaotic year for all of us.

It is the first time that all of us are locked up in our homes and forced to stay indoors until the government deems it safe for us to go out.

I guess most of us have more time to think about our lives and meditate on what matters in our lives.

We have to rethink our goals, our philosophies, and what we can do to make this planet a safer place to live.

We still have time to save this planet.

Who would ever think that a virus would be the thing to make us realize that our time on this planet is limited?

Our lives should be focused on doing good and creating a better place for future generations to live.

If you are always anxious and afraid right now, you’ve made everything about yourself. Now is not the time to think about you, now is the time to think about others and what you can do to help them.

When you do realize that it is not about you, you feel a sense of relief that what you are here for is to serve others and live for others.

Our purpose is to serve the world, especially in this time of crisis.

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