Lalamove or Grab?

Lalamove or Grab

As a student or a teacher, you may have to deliver a package to someone. You may ask yourself, what delivery app am I going to use?

You hear about popular delivery apps from a lot of people. Two of which are Grab and Lalamove. Do these apps serve your needs?

Will they be able to provide quality service at the right price?

As a consumer, we expect the best from the apps that we use. We are spoiled for choice as we look at all the apps that we can download and use for our needs. Apps provide convenience in our busy lives.

Let us take a look at these apps and their services.

In the battle of the delivery apps, these two are the most popular in Asia. Grab started in Malaysia in 2012 and expanded to other countries in the region.

Lalamove started in Hongkong in 2013 and also expanded to neighboring cities in Asia. If you are looking to send a package, both of these apps would have already entered your mind.

If you are from the Visayas area in the Philippines, you would know that Grab was the first delivery app to enter this market and reach Negros Oriental. Currently, Lalamove is only available in the National Capital Region of the Philippines and Cebu City.. They may expand to Dumaguete City and other cities in the Philippines once the market is ready for it. 

We would recommend that you keep these two apps on your phone. Visit their websites and use whichever is cheaper based on your location and purpose. If you are going to deliver something nearer, Grab is the best bet. If you want to deliver on locations that are far from your address, Lalamove would be the best choice.

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