Reflections on the Letter of St. Paul to the Romans

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I have been reading Paul’s letter to the Romans for quite some time now, and this is one of the most beautiful letters written to a group of people about the love of Christ. The letters of Paul in the Bible have always fascinated me. St. Paul is a great theologian and a master of words. He is very persuasive, intelligent, and full of conviction that you can’t help but believe. Even though you may not believe, his words show that he had a personal encounter with the Divine. For how could someone write with so much confidence about his belief and send this letter to a group of people thousands of miles away with the thought that the authorities in Rome may capture and persecute him for his words? It takes a certain kind of courage to write such a letter in a time of great persecution. For someone willing to die for his faith, it is deeply admirable.

 The Book of Romans in the Bible is very much relevant up until this day. It is good for one to read this letter and see the beauty of Christ’s love for humanity. St. Paul’s letter to the Romans may also be offensive to some people, but that is precisely one of the reasons why the letter was sent. To make you realize about your sins and how you can overcome temptation and sin in this world. It is challenging to live in this world with so much suffering and pain, but this letter to the Romans gives us so much comfort that we are not alone while living in this world. That an Almighty God sent His only Son for us to save us from our sins. We are being saved from our sins when we stop and repent from actions that we know are detrimental to our bodies, minds, hearts, and souls.

 St. Paul had this existential trust, which we call faith. The letter to the Romans showed the strength of his faith in Christ and the conviction to send that message to as many people as possible. It takes a lot of courage and wisdom to write the Book of Romans, considering the circumstances of his time, and this is still true today. It takes a lot of courage and wisdom to send this message to as many people as possible in our modern world today. I hope we can say that we have the courage and the wisdom to share Jesus Christ’s message, just like what St. Paul did in his time. God bless you

Written by: Reuben J C. Los Baños

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  1. Thank you for sharing this wonderful message and encouragement to learn more of Paul’s letter and to courageously and humbly live it empowered by His grace. ✍️🌻😊

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