Android vs. IOS

Android vs. IOS

When it comes to Android or IOS software, as a user, I prefer IOS more. Based on my experience of being an IOS user for years, I can say that they are easy to use and have a consistent design across all their devices. As they are a closed source, which means that Apple makes both hardware and software, they can create a system that would make it work together really well. Also, regarding security, though Face IDs and Touch IDs are standard, Apple was the first or one of the first companies to use this feature concerning privacy and safety. This feature reflects Apple as being known for its strict privacy. As they are a closed system, Apple checks what goes in and out of their phones, ensuring that what you download from the app store is safe and of good quality. Moreover, with it, we can see that they have a stricter review process regarding the apps they have in the Apple store. They are stricter when it comes to allowing app developers to upload their apps, assuring their users of their safety and quality. As someone who uses an iPhone and iPad, syncing files in my phone and iPad is a very efficient feature and something that I need since I tend to be forgetful. To summarize, because Apple is a close source, they are able to create appliances that work really well alone and together if paired with other devices of the same brand. It is easy to use and safe. Even though it is pretty expensive, I believe you’ll get your money’s worth if you choose the device you need wisely.

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