MT14- CC (Activity )

  1. Health care system
  2. Philippine Health system
  3. Primary Health care

Discussion (1)

  1. 1. Health care system
    – The health care system is primarily involved with three pillars: the state, citizens, and health service providers. According to the World Health Organization, the healthcare system is one of the sustainable development goals of the organization pertaining to a practical strategies healthcare system framework wherein it pushes through the capacity of governments, allied health and sciences providers as well as the citizen.

    2. Philippine Health Care System
    – Based on the article, the Philippine Health system revolves around the Primary Health Care approach in 1979 which provides eight necessary basic elements in the health care system. These are the following: maternal and child care, prevention of endemic diseases, ample amount supply of water, sanitation, immunization, prevention as well as managing prevalent health problems, sufficient supply of needed drugs, accurate treatment as well as control for common diseases.

    3. Primary Health Care
    – According to World Health Organization, primary health care dwells within the dominance of our individual lives from giving birth to the last breath of our flesh. It primarily emphasizes the basic needs of our health to survive. Starting after giving birth, we must be vaccinated to be protected from the potential threats of our surrounding environment. It provides treatments, prevention, and awareness and manages the conditions of human diagnoses through the confirmation of tests. In this case, it will be done through follow-up check-ups, medication, and prevention of common diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and asthma. Thus, it accompanies us all throughout the stages of our lives.

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