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    Rudy Elijah Iii Aldanese - "Reflection – Sillimanian Description & Mental Aspect Perspective By Rudy Elijah B. Aldanese III (GE 10 – BB) • What is a Sillimanian? Being a Sillimanian extends to more than just studying in this unive […]"View
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    Einson Fitzgerald Acas - "Einson Fitzgerald G. Acas GE10 – BB WHAT IS A SILLIMANIAN FOR YOU? Being a Sillimanian is having alot of things. For me, a Sillimanian is a student that experiences the culture and lifestyle of a student s […]"View
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    Lad Francis Baliola - "What is your view on the mental aspect of man? Lad Francis M. Baliola GE 10 – BB In my view, the mental aspect of humanity is nothing short of extraordinary. It is the very essence of what makes us uniquely […]"View
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    Ranier Bajande - "GE 10 – BB BSMT II Link: What is Whole Person Education and Multiple Intelligence? By reading books, articles, or any academic p […]"View
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    Yvonne Abao - "Name: Abao, Rhoge Yvonne F. BSMT II Subject: GE 10A – BB Date: September 23, 2023 📝 Reflection #1: What is a Sillimanian? What values truly embody a Sillimanian? Is it just the constant strive for acad […]"View
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    Margarita Resuelo - "Margarita S. Resuelo GE 10 – BB 📄[Reflection]: Paul’s Letter to the Romans Chapter 1-3 (NIV) 🔗link: Romans Chapters 1-3, authored by the Ap […]"View
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    Andre Gem Gumatay - "Whole person education relies on a holistic approach to teaching and learning, one that connects intellectual inquiry, critical thinking, creativity, and invention with moral and ethical guidance, respect for the […]"View
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    laur - "GE10 – BB Reflection to the Interview with Dr. Ben S. Malayang III on Whole Person Education Submitted by: Lauren Nicole E. Calderon It’s good to hear that a former President of the school I am studying in s […]"View
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    Vince Louanne Tabilon - "MT14-CC (LEC) Learning Insights: In MT14 Health Information System, the focus was on understanding the crucial role of information technology in the healthcare sector. The subject provided valuable insights into […]"View
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    Dan Luague - "Policies – This can be the set of rules or guidelines followed by a certain institution. Process – This can pertain the workflow Procedure – This points toward the step by step procedure on how a certain task […]"View
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    Chris John Diamante - "Importance of Material Management It is important for us to first understand what is material management, its functions, and its objectives in order to appreciate its importance. It will help us manage our […]"View
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