Medical Histology

How to perform well in Histology

1. First, try to see the architecture of the cell. Is it circular, flat or irregular?

2. Second, identify the lining epithelium. Is it squamous, columnar or cuboidal?

3. Are the nuclei of the cells large or small? Take note of the colors of the nuclei and cytoplasm.

4. Maximize the use of the laboratory slides and compare what you have seen under the microscope with images from histology books. Images from these books have much superior pictures that are not found on routine slides.

5. Try to develop your photographic memory. You really need it in histology. I know you guys have good photographic memories 🙂

6. Most of all devote time for study. I guess you know that time is the only resource that can never be restored once it is gone.

All the best!


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